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The urban feral pigeon has become an all too familiar sight in Glasgow and across our other cities and towns, flocking on buildings, rooftops and town centres. No matter where they are, it is the abundance of available food and convenient nesting areas that will attract them and keep them coming back time and again.

The Food Hygiene Regulations and Food Safety Act states that any food or beverages that are contaminated by ants will be deemed unfit for human consumption and your business may be put at risk with fines, loss of reputation or even closure.

Property damage – As well as creating a real mess, pigeon excrement can damage buildings, cars and other property as they contain acid that can corrode a whole range of different material.

Health problems – Pigeons can carry and spread a range of diseases that are harmful to humans. Accidents – Large amounts of droppings falling on pavements and walkways can create dangerous walking environments.

Lost revenue – Particularly for businesses who sell or serve food, pigeons can create an unsanitary appearance and pester those eating food outside.

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