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Seagulls (Herring Gull) that choose to nest on or in your property can cause serious problems for your business. They not only exhibit frightening behaviour during the summer months, their nesting and feeding habits can also result in structural property damage.

What Can Be Done?

Although there has been a rise in the Gull population in our cities over the past decade, overall there has been a 70% reduction in their numbers, particularly in coastal areas. Because of this they are now classed as a protected species with restrictions on what measures can be taken to control them.

YOU CAN however take some steps such as bird deterrents and nest removal. See some of our specialist bird control techniques and technologies;

  • Seagull Spikes
  • Anti Bird Netting Systems, Spring and Wire
  • Licensed Bird Nest & Egg Removal
  • Electric Bird Deterrent Systems
  • Acoustic Bird Scaring Systems
  • Bird Deterrent Gels

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